A word from our Vice President

The way we protect you from the world

People all over the world are getting more and more concerned with the safety of their valuables and loved ones. People ask themselves; “Can I trust my local police force? Is my money safe at my local bank? Will anyone find my secret meth lab in the woods?”

At GENSEC we have set down exactly how we protect our customers, our values and our principles.

What GENSEC values

With great power comes an even greater responsibility. As one of the largest security industries in a new information technology era, GENSEC wants to be a positive force. We want to help you protect your loved ones, particularly from themselves. When we are saving you from yourself and everything around you, there are a couple of values we adhere to. The values are serious and have real meaning for us and the way we behave.

At GENSEC, we believe in:

  • Focusing on our customers staying safe
  • Making sure the criminals stay out
  • Our A.I. programme – Always Investigating how to increase the talent of our staff
  • Following our motto: Lowest prices, best quality – all the time, everywhere
  • Continuing to find better ways of helping widows of deceased staff members

Our standards

We expect all our customers to feel safe in compliance with the Global Accountable Achievment Standard. This includes every company that wants to be protected by us or are interested in buying a product or a service, including contractors, special units and security research or licensing partners.

The G.A.A.S. reflect our own Code of Conduct, that we updated in 2011 and 2012 because of the sudden rise of criminal activity.

The standards cover a large range of ethical and social challenges, such as:

  • Ensuring that working hours comply with local laws
  • Not offer, pay or accept bribes
  • Respect the right to bear arms, even though that individual looks suspicious and is carrying bags of ammunition and medic supplies whilst trying to hide a mask
  • Support equal opportunities in the workplace
  • Better maintain our security footage

We ask our security staff to think and act according to them on a daily basis. To help them, we have developed the GENSEC Code of Conduct.

This Code is intended to provide our security staff with a clear overview of their obligations. In the end, it helps all GENSEC employees to perform their jobs in accordance with the G.A.A.S. and our other standards.

All this reflects on what GENSEC represents and what every employee aims to be. I am counting on every GENSEC security staff employee to take a bullet for the company when the going gets rough.

Going forward

Last but not least, 2013 is looking to be a great year for our organization as we move to a brave new frontier: Washington DC.