These are some testimonials that have been sent in by our customers and colleagues. How has GENSEC changed you in your life? Share your story at testimonials@gensec.biz


“I knew my life was going to change when I was attacked by criminals. Before that event and many others like it, as a bank manager, I was already impressed with the GENSEC corporate security staff because of their dedication and loyal service. During the countless robberies we at First World bank have had to endure, the way GENSEC staff has acted goes to show why they are the best at what they do.

Simply put - without the help of GENSEC I wouldn’t have been alive today.”

- David Davidson, Bank manager of First World bank



“When I first learned about GENSEC, I was searching for a way to better financially support my wife and two boys. Both my wife and I worked all day long and we never had time to share with our family. The GENSEC business opportunity provided us with both more time and a discounted home security solution. With it, I have found tools to enrich my life. When you face your fears and worries head on, and set your mind to accomplishing all of your objectives, when you’ve reached your PAYDAY, you will find that life has new meaning. I don’t know of a better opportunity than working at GENSEC to truly live an optimal life.”

- Max Power, GENSEC Security staff




Mr. Petrusic, CFO of the Garnet Group, explains how the company has developed internationally through its success in sales of art and diamonds. “Thanks to GENSEC, I’m happy to safely say – diamonds are forever.”





“When I first got my GENSEC home security solution installed by GENSEC representatives that came to my home with the equipment, free of charge, I had been looking for a way to protect my valuable Hi-Fi equipment and my family for a long time. Time went by and finally I understood – I simply could not find any company that I could entrust to the safety and care of my endangered animals. No other company could compare with the price and quality of GENSEC. Having now discovered GENSEC, I am a happy man, and will not be looking back.”

- Signore Vivaldi, WASHINGTON DC